DDS Repaints Ivy Rehabilitation Centers Across NJ

DDS Repaints Ivy Rehabilitation Centers

Over the last 18 months DDS Painting has been tasked with repainting Ivy Rehabilitation Center locations throughout the Entire state of New Jersey. We have painted 25 locations and counting, ranging from the southern shore points to the northern tips of the state and everywhere in between. The DDS painting crews, in conjunction with Beacon Construction (Gibbsboro, New Jersey), have been working evenings and weekends to accommodate our customers business hours in assisting with Rehab Center conversions and cosmetic updating. By applying a standard light grey and applying the Ivy Rehab logo colors of blue and green to specific walls throughout each location, we have assisted an awesome company like Ivy Rehab with their marketing and corporate brand identity.

Quote about Ivy Rehabilitation Center Project 

“DDS has done a great job with the painting at the Ivy Rehabs. The Scheduling and completing of each project while not interrupting business operations has been a challenge. We are happy to have them as part of our team”
– Mike Clark, Project Manager at Beacon Construction

Ivy Rehabilitation Center Project Photos